Breaking Barriers, Building Hope: Terre des Hommes Annual Report 2022

In a year defined by unprecedented challenges, Terre des Hommes International Federation presents our Annual Report for 2022 showcasing our resilience, progress, and unwavering commitment to build a world where every child has a safe and enjoyable childhood.

This year, through the implementation of 890 projects in 68 countries across the globe, we have supported 8,204,543 persons –children and young people as well as their family and community members by working towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment for children, ending all forms of violence against them, improving the protection of children on the move, and enhancing child and youth participation.

Amid a multitude of global crises, we championed child and youth participation, amplifying their voices at the 5th Global Conference on child labor elimination. This pivotal occasion involved the active participation of 60 young minds, shaping policies on the international stage.

With the launch of our Operational Plan this year, we reflect on the past year, share hopeful stories of the children our programmes have supported and extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners, supporters, and dedicated staff. Your support fuels our vision for a world where every child thrives.

Thank you for enabling us to build a brighter, safer future for children worldwide.