Civil Society Europe analysis reveals significant differences in the level of transparency of the Permanent Representations to the EU

Civil Society Europe is making public an analysis of the level of transparency of all Permanent Representations of Member States to the European Union. Such analysis takes into consideration the disclosure of the Permanent Representation internal structure – including civil servant names and contact details – and of the list of meetings held between ambassadors and interest representatives. The analysis follows a recent letter from civil society to EU Commissioner Hahn and EU Commissioner Jourova advocating for the accountability of institutions towards the public, civil dialogue and the ongoing update of European Commission officials in the EU Whoiswho register.

The analysis shows significant differences in the level of transparency of the Permanent Representations. While some of them make all of the information publicly available, others barely disclose their internal structure and do not reveal which interest representatives the ambassadors are meeting.

The disclosure of information relevant to the public is a key element of institutional accountability: as such, we encourage all Permanent Representations to fully commit to the highest standards of transparency and to take the appropriate steps to fill the gaps identified in our analysis.

Download our infographic here.